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Site policy of Supporo House

>> At the time of use

"Thank you very much for visiting our website. Our website address is:"
Please read the agreement before using our website.
Using this website indicates that you have already agreed with the agreement.
Without agreeing to the agreement, you can not use this site.
"The contents of the agreement may be changed without advance notice, please confirm the latest information. "

>> Terms for use

[About change of the service information ]

The contents of this site may be changed or removed without any previous notices.
The service of this site may also be discontinued temporarily or for long-time period depending on the maintenance of the operation or system failure or any other reason.

[About copyright]

Information on this site can't be used for profit-making businesses.

[About responsibility]

We have made sure to provide accurate and updated information on this site but we can not guarantee perfection or recency.
We are not responsible for any harmful consequences of using this site.


Please don't use this site for following purposes.

  • For the illegal purpose.
  • Rewriting the information of this site.
  • Sending or writing information beyond conditions which is laid down on this site.
  • Disturbing the management of this site.
  • Violating the news, copyrights, rights of trade-mark or other rights of other people.

Privacy policy of Supporo House

>> Privacy Policy

We respect and protect your right to privacy in relation to your interactions with this website. Any information which is called "personal information"will be treated in accordance with the terms below.

>> How we use your personal information

For us to process a service for you, we require you to send us some information. We use your personal information only for serving you at out best.

[Purpose of using your personal information]

We will use your personal information for the following purposes.

  • For various arrangements
    For arranging reservation, requests and for inquiry on the behalf of guests.
  • For sending E-mail
    For providing guidance for the verification of the application form, various events, lodging plan and banquet plan, etc.
  • Other contacts
    If it is needed, we will contact with you through E-mail, mail or telephone.
["About offering or showing your personal information to other related associations or companies. "]

In the following cases, we offer or show your personal information to others.

  • In regard to the system maintenance management of this site, your personal information will be handed to the person in charge with the terms of agreement.
  • With the agreement of the customer.
  • In time of request form public courthouse or police in accordance with law.
  • In time of requirement for emergency of customer or the information or related associations.
  • Cookie is being used on this site. With the setting of the browser, the function of Cookie can be nullified, as the result some of the services can not be available.
  • We will record the access to this site, but the record does not include your personal information. We only use this record in the case of statistical analysis and management of maintenance and access illegality etc.
[Revision of privacy policy]

In case of privacy policy is revised, we will inform you on this site.

[About the verification & revision & deletion of the registered information ]

We will respond reasonable requirements about verification, revision and deletion of the personal information.